Kujawa Elementary School was opened in August 2003 asMrs. Kujawa Aldine Academy. The school was re-named after former Aldine Independent School District Superintendent Nadine Kujawa, who dedicated 42 years to the students and staff of Aldine.  During her 42 years, Mrs. Kujawa served as teacher, assistant principal, principal, Director of Personnel, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel, Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources and Instruction, and Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction before being named Superintendent of Schools in 2001. Mrs. Kujawa holds the distinction of being the first female Superintendent of Aldine ISD, as well as the first graduate of an AISD school to hold the position.

In 2006, Mrs. Kujawa was selected as the Region Four Superintendent of the Year from among 54 superintendents in the Houston area and was also one of five finalists for Texas Superintendent of the Year.

At a re-dedication ceremony in November 2008, Aldine Academy was renamed Kujawa Elementary in her honor and along with the newly opened Kujawa EC/PK become Kujawa Education Center.  During the dedication ceremony, Mrs. Kujawa stated: "It does take a village to raise a child and each group has its job to do to see that every child learns. This is our village and it will take all of us to make the children in our village successful. Learning has to be a partnership between the students, parents, school, and the community."

Mrs. Kujawa continues to play an active role in the learning community at Kujawa Education Center. She regularly attends school activities, parent events, performances, graduation, and reads to classes on a monthly basis. We are honored to be named after such a dedicated educator who gives so much back to the community.

Mrs Kujawa  Mrs. Kujawa at Exhibition