Exhibition 2017

Kujawa Elementary IB World School

IB PYP Exhibition is a Stance on Inquiry-based Learning

The Exhibition was kicked off with a School Choice Week Dance by our fourth Grade students lead by Choir Director, Sam Mansour. Kujawa joined thousands of schools around the country to celebrate School Choice Week.

This year’s Exhibition provided an opportunity for 54 groups of students to inquire into the human commonalities of over 27 countries in the world to examine the unit of inquiry on How We Express Ourselves.  Students selected the country, culture, and central idea that they wanted to learn about based on the guidance of their teachers and mentors using the Teaching for Learning Process. The students examined art of all facets – visual, music, dance, and food of diverse cultures and concluded that celebrations of traditions can be the catalyst that brings people together.  Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Ray,   “The students were very knowledgeable and did an amazing job.”   Principal, Debera Thomas, “We had a great turnout from parents, and they were very impressed with our students’ presentation. Numerous parents told me the Exhibition was the best that they ever attended.”  In the weekly address to the staff Mrs. Thomas wrote in her Friday Focus: "Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity.” -Deborah Meier. The exhibition was a good example of celebrating diversity.  As our students were able to connect to resources, food, fashion, art, dances and talent across cultural boundaries.”  Head of School, Debbie Hagood, The exhibition is an opportunity for our 4th grade students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired as an IB Primary Years Programme student from PK-4th grade.  The Kujawa students did an outstanding job becoming experts on their country.  The students engaged the school community with music, dance, food, facts and customs from the country that they researched.  There were many proud students and parents enjoying this significant event in their school career.”

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Stacie Glaspie, Silvia Cruz , and Arely Sanchez

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These students inquired into the traditions Down Under!

Cristain Payan, Samuel Reyes, Marquiel Bell, and Jonathan Johnson

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Food of Guyana – Delicious Roti and Curry and Pepper Pot –

Daniel Cruz, Ja’Kai Avery, and Rodney Young

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Argentina’s Gurani Indians – Josue Vasquez, Kendric Mosley, Jesua Trejo, Brendan Young

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Australian Ballet - Fernanda Garcia, Michelle Rivera, Wendy Rivera, and Ashly Pineda

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China:Year of the Rooster -  Stanley Deams, Avery Jackson, Calen Johnson and Tveion Mathews

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Madagascar!! They like to move it with all the delicious fruit exported from Madagascar!

Elijah Moore-Breeding, Bryan Lindstrom, Corian Felix, and Ethan Landin

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Mrs. Keyser takes a breather with her models celebrating the fashion of India!

Kennedy Brown, Cy’Niyah Cooper, and Harmony Jones

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Pharoahs and Queen of Egypt

Carlicia Lee,  Bryan Amaya, and Quin’Darius Hall

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Spain: Christopher Espinoza, Christopher Lopez, Josue Hernandez and Manuel Garcia

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Vietnam:Food and Fashion -  Abigail Morales, Vanessa Martinez, Emily Huerta and Jasmine Chavez

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Pakistan: Talk Over Tea -  Andrea Vidal and Ruby Cantero

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France:   Leslie Duran Keylee Ignacio Ana L. Rivera Flores

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Hungary?  How about some Hungarian goulash?

Hungary: Tremaine Gray, Eston Muhia, Jordan Johnson, and Camron West

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Happy New Year!!!

China:  Johnthan Contrares and Juan Baires

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Mexico:  Luis Garduno, Fernando Cruz, Miguel Frias and Anthony Vergara

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Bambo Pole Dance!

China: Edgar Garcia, Jaden Marsh, Darnell Parramore and Javaugens Williams

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Mexico:Traditional Food -  Neyla Juarez and Katelyn Martinez

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Mexico: Quinceanara Tradition - Ellen Tapia, Kaylee Barahona, Zuleika Avilez and Kendalyn Bowden

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Greece:  Jada Douglas, Kennedi Nutt, Sariya House and Aniya Nelson

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Mexico:  The Day of the Dead!.Amos Worthy, Abraham Diaz, Lydrick Allen and Joseph Bolanos

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South Africa: Hip Hop Dance was influenced by traditional tribal dances.

Joseph Albright and Gary Hector

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The Compton family came out to Exhibition in cultural wear and paused for a picture with IB Coordinator, Linda Johnson.  Parents were given a passport and each group stamped their passport with a flag of their country. Exhibition car trash bags were also handed out to remind parents not to throw trash on the sttreets.

IB Coordinators, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ross set out to bring all of the community together by involving parents and teachers to help cook the traditional cultural dishes, make costumes, and some parents even helped choreographed the dance performances.  This Exhition was definitely a team effort that resulted in total success!


IB Coordinator, Mrs. Robin Porter, from Shotwell Academy brought her own two boys, Mason and Peyton Porter to the event as well as twenty IB Scholars from Shotwell to the student version during the day. The intermediate students were amazed by the presentations.


Shotwell students, Torrian Berryman, Michea Chapital, and Trayvon Malveaux

learn of the about Vietnamese fashion and food.


IB Coordinators, Eisenhower Ninth Grade-Angela Hector-Hall,  Eisenhower High School-Bobby Mansour, and Robin Porter paused for a picture.  Bobby Mansour, “You can tell that the students really bought into this unit of Inquiry.”  Angela Hector-Hall, “This Exhibition was phenomenal!”  Robin Porter, “The students did a great job!”

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Wilson Intermediate – Tracey Collins, “The exhibition had sweet international aromas wafting through the air. The Kujawa staff displayed the cultural theme flawlessly. Parents acquired knowledge of the IB continuum in advance of the impending lottery.”