The Exhibition

The Exhibition is the pinnacle of the learning experience for our students. The students are taught about the Exhibition throughout their educational journey.  As early as PK, the students begin preparation for the culmination of their Primary Years Programme (PYP) journey. They acquire the five essential elements of the PYP such as knowledge, concepts, skills, attitude and action. By the time they get to fourth grade, they should have all the skills necessary to carry out a full investigation of their topics and report their findings and solutions to the community of learners.  

In the fourth grade the initial discussion begins about eight months prior to the date of the exhibit.  The date for the Exhibition is selected by the leadership team during a summer meeting. A Unit of Inquiry is selected, and the students review the descriptors of the selected Unit of Inquiry. The teachers discuss the descriptors with all fourth grade classes to get their input.  Then a global central idea and lines of inquiry were generated for the unit of inquiry—Sharing the Planet.  The students and teachers generate a list of topics that are connected with the central idea and lines of inquiry. They the students form small groups of two to three students.  These small groups then select a topic from the list and generate their own central idea and lines of inquiry that is connected to the global central idea and lines of inquiry.