Try Engineering Together

Try Engineering Together
Posted on 10/01/2019

This school year, a Kujawa Elementary fifth grade class has been selected to participate in Try Engineering Together.  This places Kujawa in a partnership with Cricket Media, and Aerospace Corporation for the second year in a row. Kujawa is one of a select few elementary schools in the nation to participate in this program.


Try Engineering Together is an eMentorship platform in which IEEE, Cricket Media and an "Engineering based company" partner with a school or class.  Students and company volunteers are matched 1:1 in “eMentoring” relationships to create safe, powerful STEM learning experiences. Guided by a curriculum designed to be engaging, interactive and thought-provoking, students and their eMentors read short, timely articles related to STEM subjects and discuss hands-on activities that students are experiencing in class. Throughout the academic year, students and mentors communicate regularly online to ask questions, share ideas, investigate new developments and complete projects together.  


IEEE and Cricket Media provide Stem lesson plans for various units such as Inventions and Inventors. Cricket Media provides reading materials for each unit; teachers select a unit, students pick an article geared towards that unit and share the selection with an Engineer eMentor.  After reading the article, the students and eMentors discuss the article in online written communication.  There are safeguards in place for online security for both students and eMentors.  The units will include hands on engineering activities. 


“Last year, I heard students talking about aerodynamics, wind speed and new topics that I’ve never heard students discussing in depth before,” Tara Rollins, Information Literacy Specialist, said.  “We are thrilled that Aerospace and Cricket Media have continued their commitment to innovation in STEM education!” 


 Chuck Gustafson, Senior Vice President for Aerospace’s Engineering and Technology division is excited to serve as STEM mentors to Kujawa students.  


“Our focus is to inspire and nurture the next generation of engineers and scientists,” Gustafson said. 


Kujawa Elementary and Aldine ISD say thank you for your commitment to our students!  


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